As far back as I can remember I loved to draw and paint. My mother says it began as soon as I could hold a pencil. My parents both encouraged me on Christmas and birthdays with pencil sets, pastels, good art paper, oil paints and books on art about Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Gaughin, Renoir, Dali, Holbein, Toulouse-Lautrec, Titian, Rembrandt, Hopper and many of the Impressionists. They took me into NYC many times to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see these great works of art and would show me any movies that came on about artists, eg; Lust for life, The agony and the ecstasy come to mind. They had a great reverence and respect for art and I grew up inspired by these artists. My father loved to play music, he encouraged me to draw or paint as he played beautiful operas, Caruso, Classical music and this helped me get in touch with a finer nature within myself even as a young child.
         My first art shown publicly was a four foot charcoal drawing of Helen Hays in an 1800s dress with a lace collar. It was shown behind glass in the lobby of our High School stage to illustrate and advertise a play put on by my High School class, Arsenic and old Lace. It was selected for this purpose by my art teacher and I was very proud and pleased by this appreciation of my art. It is a very important thing to be appreciated by ones art teacher to a child artist.
         We lived on Long Island and behind our house was a woods and a creek on our property. The beauty of this inspired me to landscape art primarily. After high school we moved to Arizona and the landscapes here inspired me to paint them.
My work has been featured in American Art Collector magazine and the Fountain Hills Times newspaper several times. I am a member of International Guild of Realism and have been in several of their juried shows where my work has been shown in galleries across the United States. I am also locally shown in 9theGallery and Emerson Art Gallery. I do have some of my work for sale in postcards and cups on Zazzle.

Artist Statement:
I prefer the beauty of the unsullied, pristine and natural scenes that are out there and unfortunately rapidly vanishing. Throughout my time as a painter I have made a conscious choice to paint such scenes which I find to be spiritually inspiring and uplift the soul.  

I am a member of the international guild of realism. You can visit them below to learn more.